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Our Experiential Learning Formula is Simple

Instant Experiential Diagnosis

With which the team identifies its own areas of opportunity and decides which ones to work on. So we started with a committed team aware of what they want and need.

Team Sense

We develop the main competencies of a team: communication – coordination – collaboration – commitment – common goal – team culture.

Consolidated Learning Community

We make sure that they are perceived as an Authentic.
Learning Community: a high level of empathy, camaraderie, human sense and a shared vision of their reason for existing as a community.

Continuity and Follow-up

The Team Building or Integration Process is only the
start. We remain with your team in person and with our exclusive Experiential Distance Learning Platform, looking for each team in the company to continue working until they achieve High Performance status.'

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Why Choose us for Team Building?

5 reasons why large companies continually work with us for Team Building

Change Happens

Immediately perceived are: more empathy, camaraderie, reciprocal sense of support, collaboration, improvement in the ways of communicating. The team is perceived as fit to improve its results.

Team Building That Adapts to the Teams Needs

Companies perceive that they hire a change process adapted to them and not pompous dynamics to which the team must adapt.

Team Impact

“Exceeded my expectations” is one of the most mentioned phrases during closing time.

Transformative Experiential Dynamics

Dynamics that generate experiences similar to daily life and adapted to the outcome of the team’s diagnosis. Debriefing generator of learning and commitments.

Infallible Team Building Process

The team identifies its own areas of opportunity
The team decides what they want to work on, they are co-responsible for the success of the process. Post team-building follow-up

Sense of Community

Empathy and a sense of community are developed as a pillar of change. Dynamics based on the needs and expectations of the team. Professional debriefing and forceful closing with specific commitments.

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“The experience was fun, enriching and productive. We learned our weaknesses and trengths as a company personally and as a group, which I am sure will help us face our work challenges with a better perspective”

Iris Morales Salgado

“The activities carried out raised my goals, since I broke limits that I had, it helped me to integrate my team more and thus achieve extraordinary results during 2017. I highly recommend living the experience”

Matilde del Carmen Velasco Garcia